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How To Set Yourself Up For Success In The Wake Of A Recession - Part Three

I always get really introspective this time of year.

I'm not big on New Year's resolutions, (because they don't work), but rather, I like to make New Year's intentions.

This year, I've been looking back at my finances for 2022, realizing this has been my first full calendar year being self-employed. And I've had my best year yet income-wise.

So cool!

But, as I contemplate the last year, and what I would like to create, offer, and accomplish in 2023, I've noticed this niggling little thought in the back of my mind.

It says things like, "well, we are heading into a recession, and therefore your income will probably go down next year. Like, a lot."

Or, "2022 was a fluke, you got lucky. Don't get used to it."

Or, "don't get too comfortable, it could all disappear at any moment."


Luckily, I've done enough work on myself at this point to recognize what is really going on here.

My brain is just doing its job to try and keep me safe and protected. Our minds are designed for that, and they really don't like anything unknown.

And for that, we thank them.

And then we ask them to kindly step aside, while we dig deeper, find our inner truth and guidance, and trust that moving forward.

So, I started paying close attention to these limiting beliefs I have about money and then questioning them.

What if instead of assuming I will make less this year, I assume I will earn more? Isn't that the way things have been trending anyway?

What if my income could double?

Or quadruple? With ease?

And I could do more of what I love, and comes naturally?

What if I could facilitate more people to do the same?

I've been spending time each morning imagining these scenarios and noticing how different my future choices, behaviors, and emotions look and feel from this perspective.

It feels uplifting and exciting, and fun to imagine.

But here's where this story gets really wild.

After doing this for a few days, I got a call from someone I've worked with in the past, asking if I can create a full training curriculum and travel internationally to train their employees.

They want me to teach them how to communicate effectively and be better people leaders.

They will fly me out first class (a dream) and pay for all of my accommodations.

And of course, the profit potential for this is big. Possibly the biggest contract I've gotten yet.

When I tell you it fell into my lap, I mean, out of thin air.

But more importantly, it feels juicy and exciting, because I love teaching, inspiring, and empowering others in these specific ways.

This person thought of me for the project because she trusts me and understands my strengths.

And just like that, I have a whole new vision for what is possible in 2023.

Why not assume that you can do more of what you love, and make more money doing it?

After all, recessions have been known to create more millionaires.

Just look at this study by Reuters, which found that the number of millionaires globally rose 17% after the 2008 crash, and their collective wealth grew 19% overall.

But one thing I can guarantee you is that the people who earn more during a recession are operating from a mindset of possibility, not fear.

It really does all start from within.

Ready to do more of what you love, less of what you don't, and let go of those limiting beliefs to earn more money with ease? Reach out!

We empower our clients to think bigger, trust and hear their inner knowing, and take steps towards what they actually want in life and work.

What else is possible for you in 2023?

Wanna explore what it's like to work with us?

Click here to contact us and book a free, zero-pressure consultation.

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