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What We Offer

Career Exploration 

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Career Coaching 

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Career-Focused Hypnotherapy

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We offer personalized and deep-dive career services for unique individuals. Whether you are a student trying to navigate your next steps, a recent graduate joining the workforce, a career-changer seeking better, or a senior beginning your third act, Mindful Career Center is here to support you on your journey. Below are some of the services we offer, all of which are customized to help you reach your unique career goals.

Career Exploration

This Package Includes
  • Three, 2-hour sessions + holistic assessment

  • Holistic and comprehensive assessment

  • Structured interview

  • Career exploration based on personality, values and interests

  • Clarifying work and life values and motivators

  • Exploring and narrowing best-fit career paths

  • Detailed action plan

A Deeper Look
  • ​Deep-dive career assessment and development package

  • Designed to gain insight and answers to these questions:

    • What career path am I well-suited for?

    • How do I know what to do next?

    • What is my purpose?

    • Which careers would be fulfilling for me?

Career Exploration

Career Coaching

This Package Includes
  • Four 90-minute sessions

  • Crafting your career narrative

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs

  • Presenting your most authentic self in:

    • Interviews

    • Resume

    • Cover letters

    • LinkedIn

A Deeper Look
  • Personalized coaching package to help you reach the career goals you are clear about.

  • Designed to gain insight and answers to these questions:

    • I know where I’m headed, but how do I get there?

    • How can I stand out?

    • How can I share my unique gifts and talents?

  • Specialized, holistic approach to assist you in moving forward

Career Coaching

Career-Focused Hypnotherapy

This Package Includes
  • Four 90-minute sessions

  • Personalized packages utilizing hypnotherapy, mindfulness, and somatic energy work to help you gain insight and clarity on these questions:

    • How can I get unstuck?

    • How can I gain more self-confidence?

    • What would it take to trust myself?

    • How can I have better balance?

A Deeper Look
  • Increasing confidence, creativity, and self-expression

  • Uncovering your purpose

  • Gaining a larger perspective of what’s possible

  • Bringing your true self to your work

  • Removing internal barriers and limiting beliefs

  • Releasing imposter syndrome

  • Confidence and comfort with public speaking

  • Navigating towards your True North

Career-focused Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, & Your Unconscious Mind
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