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Who We Are

Here’s to the dissatisfied dreamers, the ones who know there’s more to life than this. You are so much more than the roles you hold. You are more than your job title and more than your educational background. We help you create a new path, one in line with your deepest values, and your truest self. Bridging the gap between practical, data-driven, researched-based input and the intangible, deep inner-knowing that we all have inside. People need and want a deeper connection to themselves. This is where we access our True North. 


Alexandra Rizzi

M.S.Ed., CCSP, CHt

  • Alexandra Rizzi

Alexandra is a Certified Career Services Provider through the NCDA, as well as a Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Career Coach. She believes that we all deserve to do soul-aligned work and utilizes a combination of tools to help her clients uncover and step into that for themselves. She has a background in international education, training and development, as well as a life-long mindfulness and meditation practice.


Kate Rizzi


  • Kate Rizzi

Kate Rizzi began her professional career as an executive coach and business consultant. When it was time to raise a family, she moved into the classroom where she used her motivational skills to encourage her students. After 18 years of teaching, she has returned to the work of helping  clients discover their most creative, generous and inspiring selves. 

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